What’s your art?

Art. It comes in many forms. It is part of our everyday life. Or something we seek out. A passion or a profession. Private or on public display. We all have our own definition of art. Our own tastes. Our own preferences. What’s yours?

What's your art? is about sharing how art touches your life, and seeing how it has influenced other recognizable Albertans (check out their “A-lists”). With art, it’s all about a willingness to explore…

Inspired? Share your art.

You don’t need to be a best selling musician, author – or a big city mayor to participate. Now that you’ve seen how it’s done, we want YOU to come up with your own Top 5 List, telling us what your art is!

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Okay, we just had to know… what kind of art inspires, influences and invigorates Alberta’s best-known and best-loved personalities and public figures? To find out, we approached a list of some influential Albertans and asked, “What is your art?” Their thoughtful and varied responses will surprise you! An AFA exclusive.

Just added celebrity lists. Check back more added every week.

8,000 pieces now on display.

View the Alberta Foundation for the Art’s impressive private collection online. Pick out your faves and customize your own gallery. No admission. No lineup. Open 24-hours a day!

AFA Art House

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Behind the scenes of the AFA video…

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of our What is Your Art commercial.


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A guide to creating your Top-5.

Your mother always taught you that it is polite to share. So, taking that sage advice, we are asking you to think up five examples of art that really hits home with you. Then to share your list with friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!


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Blog 100 talk about art

What happens when you put 100…

For most Albertans, “art” isn’t a subject that typically comes up in everyday conversation. So when the Alberta Foundation for the Arts brought together everyday Albertans to do just that – the results were really quite intriguing.


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